We present you revolutionary leggings, specially designed and designed only with the help of a special material, which is the inviolable milk silk “VERTIGO FMS®” (Flex Milk Silk), which is also vegan! It is responsible for the silky smooth feeling on the skin, comfort of wearing and complete freedom of movement with 0% transparency. Milk silk as a specific material, in the modern world is becoming an imperative of quality and popularity due to its properties like the ones you can see in the picture.

Origin of materials

In order to bring you closer to the process of making this special material, which really sets us apart from others, here are a few facts why our milk silk “VERTIGO FMS®” (Flex Milk Silk) is so special, sought after and difficult to use raw. What we want to tell you is that with a lot of effort, we have achieved the desired effect, and that is the development of the softest possible fabric that you can imagine and feel. Did you know that in order to produce silk, you need the cooperation of a butterfly, a tree called a mulberry tree, a caterpillar and a human? So a real little symbiosis. Then, the next step is to separate the silk with special extraction methods, which makes it the most special material, and it is 100% natural.


There is one obstacle, silk lacks elasticity and in its natural state it is not usable for this type of clothing! We have designed technological perfection in terms of materials, we have combined two stretchable materials and with a special technology and manufacturing method we managed to transfer VERTIGO FMS® (Flex Milk Silk) over two stretchable materials, so we combine everything into one and get a combination of total perfection, and those are VERTIGO® leggings!

Breathability and positive effect

When it comes to this exceptional material, it should be borne in mind that wearing it is especially pleasant for people with more sensitive skin, prone to various irritations, when it will have a relaxing effect. All you need in everyday life are one softly textured
casual leggings that give you a feeling like foam on your body.

And indeed, even one hundred percent cotton can not provide nearly as much breathability and comfort.


We can’t help but touch and praise the top quality of our production, which is adjusted to European standards and tests. This means, in the first place, control of possible harmful substances so that the final product is 100% safe and usable.


Another in a series of items by which these super leggings can be distinguished is the possibility of thermoregulation, ie. this material recognizes body heat, and thus regulates it. In translation, that would mean, when your body temperature drops, the material gives you a gently warming feeling, and when e.g. due to physical activity, the body warms up, this material will provide you with the necessary mild cooling effect.

Design and style

But, in order for leggings to be ideal and wearable for any occasion, you will agree that in addition to the material, appearance is also very important. In this case, we have hired the most prominent European talents in the field of fashion and design, so that our customers have the opportunity to choose exactly those leggings that suit their style and character, and the appropriate occasion. Light feeling, airiness, firm support of the body and infinitely many combinations are all you need to start the day.

For an active life of all generations

Especially interesting, these lightweight leggings will be for athletes or recreationists, because in addition to lightness and comfort, they give them complete freedom to move, run and perform physical activity. The models are super stretchy, they are characterized by super good fit to the body, the ergonomic belt is positioned to support the abdomen, the material is firm and that’s all you need from your favorite pair of leggings. At the same time, they are airy and simply perfect for any type of activity.


We guarantee comfort

Try and see for yourself the perfection of the softest milk silk “VERTIGO FMS®” (Flex Milk Silk), light as feathers in contact with your skin and experience a unique touch of comfort, airiness and freedom wearing these leggings like thousands and thousands of other satisfied customers who rated us with 5 stars!

Material of the future

The fact is that the research of fabrics is more and more intensive and that we will soon wear some smarter and innovative clothes. That we are on the right track, we show by our own example, making our clothing brand exclusively using eco-friendly BIO material, the material of the future as scientists like to call it, and that is our vegan milk silk “VERTIGO FMS®” (Flex Milk Silk). The qualities that the smart material we are talking about has, what more could you want for your skin, than only the best and highest quality material that exists!



In the attached photo you can see what the material looks like, ie. milk fibers of “VERTIGO FMS®” (Flex Milk Silk), easy to compare with ordinary fibers and thus notice a huge difference in quality.


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